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Service Trolley FAQ's

  • Here at Euroservice we have over 90 different types of trolley. Ranging from service trolleys and tea trolleys all the way to luxury champagne and drinks trolleys.

  • A food service trolley can be used for a number of tasks. It may be used for setting tables, clearing tables, delivery of the food itself, carryings cups/saucers to meeting rooms, tea service. A very versatile trolley!

  • A serving cart can also be known as a service trolley, hospitality trolley, serving trolley, tea trolley, gueridon trolley and clearing trolley.

  • A service trolley can be used in a variety of ways. It can help people in the workplace complete tasks more efficiently and quickly. Serving tea and coffee from a trolley can save time and money! The same goes for food service / clearing. It can save valuable time in busy environments.